Most of these prayers have been answered:  Right now I just ask for God's return and that he will restore the kingdom we who serve Christ Jesus have been waiting for.  That is the only prayer I have anymore.  Amen...

I have a special prayer I am asking for.  I need a blessing from God. This will be a very miraculous financial blessing.  I am asking God to give me enough money for new computers and software.  I need to get a car fixed so I will have my own transportation.  I am asking to be a humble vessel to be used by God through my writings.  Right now as of October 4th, 2014 these websites I built for God are no where in the search engines.  I want them not to get out there for me or for foolish fame or to make personal riches.   LORD I need money so I can make several repairs on this trailer I live in.  LORD there is a 1995 Geo Metro I owned at one time.  I beg you that I will have enough money to get it running again.  LORD if there is a way and it is your will let my voice be used for inspirational public speaking.  LORD last night I read a book I had written and it was good.  LORD please use me in your service so that these books can be published and get into the hands that need them.  LORD I need money so I can take care of the underprivileged.  LORD I was a fool with my money before when I was sick.  LORD please God grant this petition.  LORD you know how I tried to make money and I fell into a deeper pit and now I have sunk so low I will never get out even though you warned me.  Some people I tried to work for never paid me after months of hard work.  I know I am in financial checkmate so I submit to you begging for your forgiveness.  Father I repent of my sins the best I can please come into my life and save me from this messy nightmare I created.  LORD I know it is by you and you alone I will be saved so today I call upon the name LORD Jesus Christ come into my life and save me as you have promised.  Amen

Sincerely your humble servant in Christ;
Dale Lee Gordon 

Redding Ca, 96003
October 4th, 2014

LORD it is my prayer that we here in Northern California get enough rain to fill our lakes and end our drought.  LORD Shasta Lake is so dry and we need it to be full for our agriculture and other needs.  LORD none of our leaders are praying for rain.  We need someone to step up to the plate, even me if you desire, to pray for the north state.  

October 4th, 2014
​We received a little rain but we are now in a serious drought.  

​Latest Prayer:  There is a Hebrew class starting in January 2015 at Simpson College.  I would love to be able to take it.  Pray that God will make a way that I will be able to take that class.  With this Hebrew class I will better understand how to study the Hebrew New Testament as well as the Hebrew Old Testament.  See the contact Dale page if the LORD has laid it on your heart to bless me.  I could never work out the Hebrew class but I study the Strong's on my own.

It is interesting just how God works.  God answered my prayers about our drought.  It has been raining almost all winter long starting with 2015 and going on through 2016. God answers prayers.  
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